Elite Face Shield


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This full-face shield offers advanced protection against splattering. The Elite Face Shield includes a heavy-duty, reusable, and 3D-printed resin frame with a Velcro strap to secure it to your head. In addition, the Elite Face Shield extends further away from the user’s forehead to allow for the use of loupes. The shield is made of semi-rigid plastic that is easily affixed to the frame and can be replaced when necessary. The Elite Face Shield can be disinfected and reused. Due to its rugged resin makeup, it will withstand day-to-day use in your clinical setting. Each order includes three plastic shield sheets.

Re-Use of the Face Shield

The Elite Face Shield can be reused when appropriately cleaned between patients. Each user should determine appropriate use/reuse protocols based on a review of the product by their infection control group.

Cleaning the Face Shield

Face shields should be sterilized upon receipt and prior to use. Consult the CDC for the latest guidance on disinfectants known to be effective against COVID-19.

Please Note: Do NOT autoclave.

This product does not make any claims of particulate filtration or possession of antibacterial or anti-viral properties.


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